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Hutch18 intro again - 34 years and quit
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 01:24:23 PM »
Hutch18 - day 83 Not sure if my first intro came over to this site, but I have been looking and cannot find it. So I will start again.

This introduction is not about you or your quit, it's not even about my quit. It's about quitting and the importance of diving head first into this quit 83 days ago. I was like many of you and searching for a way to quit. Found this site and dam glad I did. When i was looking 83 days ago, I wanted an easy way, but not the easiest way (death). I wanted a pill or a patch or something to help me quit. I tried in 34 years to quit multiple times. Told my wife of 21 years I quit. Told my 3 boys I quit. Did I? Hell no, I was am an addict, i just tried to hide it. I thought i was the best Ninja dipper ever.

July 10th found this site or it found me. Joined some chat, while i was sitting there reading others posts with my nicotine gum in my lip. Guy name Capital70 said hello asked about my quit. I mentioned the gum and he said "you ain't quit, your just changing the delivery system". I was like BS, I am quit. Hell my company gave me this gum and told me this would help. (help me stay addicted). Then Cap or another person said "stop being a pussy and quit cold turkey". I was honestly afraid to stop cold turkey, maybe not a pussy but still afraid. Either way what they said resonated with me and I quit cold turkey.

Today: past 83 days have sucked, but I am still quit. I have some medical BS going on that the dip hid or masked, but it's worth it. I put this crap in my system for 34 years, ain't just going to go away in a few months. I look forward to 100 day quit, but that's just the beginning. I am an addict so DAILY I must quit.

Cheers to your quit, proud to be quit with you.
Addicts don't quit for a lifetime, they quit 1 day at a time.