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Eternal Write Up
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Quit date: 15-Apr-2013
Eternal quit date: 13-Aug-2016

 In memory of a beloved Kill the Can Family member we celebrate the life of Traumagnet, aka Todd. He was a very active member of this website and mentored many new quitters along the way. Around the 800 day mark, Todd learned that he had advanced colon cancer – almost certainly due to his 25 year addiction to nicotine. Todd stayed quit, stayed involved, and fought like hell to the very end. His often R or X rated sense of humor kept KTC entertained and kept many a new quitter engaged. Todd was never one to mince words or beat around the bush – if he thought it, he said it. He was all in on everything that he did, and his involvement in quitting was no exception. KTC and his wife and sons in Minot ND lost a great friend, but heaven gained an energetic, loyal, and hilarious leader on August 13, 2016. Todd’s intro continues to inspire and solidify quits. Rest in peace, friend.
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It is very simple! We quit for today! We wake up! Do it again tomorrow!! One day at a time!
We walk in each others quit shoes, it may be a little different but ultimately the same exact thing